Castletown Shopping Centre

Castletown Shopping Centre is a well known retail outlet in Townsville with over 130 stores. The centre planned to incorporate digital display signage into their indoor advertising mix as part of renovations to include a farmers market into the centre.

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  • Digital Signage

  • LED Video Wall

The Brief

Castletown Shopping Centre wanted a way to promote retailers throughout the centre to walk-by customers in the the high traffic area outside Woolworths supermarket. Incorporating digital signage into their indoor advertising mix provided an alternative to static signage that could be regularly updated to display new advertising content.

The Solution

Products provided:

  • Digital Signage
  • LED Video Wall
  • Data Cabling
  • WiFi

Two locations were selected in the complex to install a video display in a 2×4 configuration to look like a billboard. Due to the nature of the equipment required for the install, all work to install the screens was completed outside of retail hours to ensure no disruption to retail trade.

Sixteen 55inch commercial video wall monitors with small bezels were interlocked with wall brackets, presenting a clean screen front, with only 5mm between joining screens. The screens can provide individual content on each display or work in multiple screen combinations.

The centre requested NQAV to install free public WiFi in the centre as a final part of the project. This was done using an intelligent site controller to provide site blocking, download restrictions, and disconnection after a certain period.