Traditional building management systems let you monitor the fire alarm, control the air-conditioning and (maybe) turn the lights on remotely - but they’re hardly automated.

A smart building will do all the hard work for you, configuring all the building’s system, enabling you to monitor, control, and and optimising your building’s performance throughout its life-cycle.

An intelligent and integrated solution

NQAV has the latest building management software to allow you to centrally manage all of your rooms.  From individual subsystems to fully integrated intelligent buildings, we offer a range of scalable, intelligent building management solutions that make facility management easy.

Creating smarter buildings through smarter solutions

Imagine a command centre that allows you to optimise your entire building’s performance from one station. Offering superior control and convenience, our integrated systems offer complete automation of power, energy, fire and life safety, lighting and security.

Talk to us today about an integrated Building Management System that’s open, efficient, flexible, and simple to use.

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