One antenna, multiple receivers

Now integrating free to air, PAY TV, CCTV and in house movies, MATV system solutions can now be distributed over optical fibre and coaxial cable depending on the application.

Masters of MATV

With over ten years of dedicated experience, NQAV is the trusted team when it comes to MATV systems. Our specialist system engineers, installers and technicians are fully trained in both optical fibre and coaxial cable applications and can tailor a solution to you.

IPTV & Digital

Capable of encoding live video feeds, on demand videos, pay per view television/satellite distribution, Digital television has become a necessity for nearly every home and business.

Seamlessly integrating with other IP based services, and high speed internet, IPTV a very attractive digital television delivery solution.

Partnering with Australia’s leading MATV equipment manufacturers and suppliers, NQAV is approved to install commercial grade systems to suit hotels, motels, apartments and aged care facilities. For a custom design and installation tailored specifically to you, contact us to discuss your application and requirements.

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